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Comic Book Lats

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This programme has a specific emphasis on Back-width hypertrophy and is great for anyone looking to increase the aesthetics of their physique. In this programme you will be training Back twice per week. Do your regular Lower Body routine and Chest & Triceps routine as normal. A good weekly split would be: Monday: Lower Body Tuesday: Comic Book Lats Wednesday: Off Thursday: Chest & Triceps Friday: Off Saturday: Comic Book Lats Sunday: Off Remember to hydrate and get good quality organic protein in your diet. You can use any gym with basic equipment for this routine. (Do all A's, B's, C's and D's as supersets back to back). If you don't have access to a trapper then supplement with dumbbells. If the Wide Grip Pull-Ups are too difficult use a band to assist. I recommend this over using an assisted pull-up machine as it will lead you to full pull ups faster.

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