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6 Exercises to Turn Your Mind From Enemy to Ally

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Speaking of mindset coaching, here I bring you 6 exercises that you can use to turn your mind into your best friend. As you know, how strong your mind is, and what you tell yourself, can be a make or break to your success. That's why, along your physical training, mind training is extremely important. Let's begin.

Yoga Meditation at Sunset
Mind Set For Success

Exercise 1 - Core Value

If you could chose any one thing in your life to make it worthwhile what would that be?

What would that allow you to do?

Let’s say some time in the future you have……………. How is it? Can you describe what you are picturing?

Exercise 2 - Higher Values

How do you fill your space?

How do you spend your time?

How do you spend your energy?

How do you spend your money?

Where are you most organised?

Where are you most disciplined?

What do you think about most?

What do you internally dialogue about most?

What do you externally dialogue about most?

What do you react to the most?

What do you set goals towards the most?

What are you inspired by?

Exercise 3 - 200 reasons

List 200 reasons why exercise is going to improve the 3-5 areas in your life we established in the previous questionnaire.

Exercise 4 - Ideal Image

What is your ideal physique? (Get a picture of this person whoever it is)

Exercise 5 - Smashing Limiting Beliefs

What is going to be difficult for you during these 12 weeks? (with their answers make them write down why this is not going to happen and why that is not true).

Exercise 6 - Social Detox

Write down who is going to support you, sabotage you and who is going to be neutral.

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