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Welcome to Your Total Body Transformation

Guaranteed Results

Drastically change your mind and body in 90 days or your money back.


Male 90 Day Total Body Transformation Package

Results Guaranteed

I specialise in bespoke 12 week body transformations for professionals, celebrities and political influencers who achieve exceptional things in their careers but averagethings physically. My 12 week body transformations are designed around the individual to help them achieve their best physical and psychological self. I cover all aspects of:

  • Scientific exercise

  • Behaviour change psychology

  • Technical strength training

  • Bespoke nutrition

  • The psychology of achievement

  • Spiritual and mental wellbeing

  • An athlete’s mindset

My bespoke body transformation experience will dramatically improve yourquality of life. It will completely change your body and reinvigorate the way you thinkand feel about exercise and wellness. Once you achieve an athleteʼs physique and mindset your life will take a massive positive shift. My 12 week body transformation will leave you feeling healthy, motivated, invigorated and full of energy.

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There is a direct relationship between exercise and success. Did you ever wonder how professional athletes then go on to be successful in business after they retire from their sports?

The self-mastery they learnt through exercise and a positivemindset translates into all aspects of life. But you donʼt have to be a pro athlete to reap the benefits of these. Just focusing on work and neglecting your health can leadto failure, a lack of vitality and the destruction of your physical and mental health.

Vitality does not come from focusing all of your efforts on work. Vitality comes from tuning into your physical body and using it for the movements it was meant for. The mind body connection is well documented in science and it’s impossible to perform at your best if your physiology is in turmoil. 

On average my clients lose 1 % of body fat per week. Over 12 weeks they add 5-8 kg of muscle. 

These dramatic results will completely change the way your body looks and your peers will be asking you for advice. Throughout the training you will also develop an athleteʼs mindset, smash through your self-limiting beliefs and learn to love exercise. You will learn the most efficient and effective ways to train. I will show you how you can achieve amazing results in half the time.

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Benefits of the Package

  • Lose belly fat

  • Lose "love handles"

  • Boost of positive hormone levels

  • Fat loss

  • Stress management

  • Wider shoulders

  • A thinner waist

  • Improved Immune system

  • A faster metabolism

  • Increased energy

  • Decreased risk of chronic diesease Increased vigor and vitality

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Increase your LEAN muscle

  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness

  • Increase your physical and mental strength

  • Achieve an athleteʼs mindset

  • Improved mental health

  • Increased flexibility

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Michael Hoad Bio

Michael Hoad specialises in bespoke 12 week body transformations for CEOs, professionals and world leaders who achieve exceptional things in their careers but average things physically. He first got into exercise and health through martials arts movies. He was a skilled kickboxer and became the youngest black belt in his school's history at the age of 18. He competed in amateur competitions and although he was skilled he found it difficult to deal with heavier opponents. That’s when he decided to pursue weight training. For the next tens years he studied and used every training programme and nutrition strategy he could find. In 2013 he placed in the top ten at the WBFF amateur fitness model world championships in Las Vegas, out of over 80 competitors. Michael loves being of service to his clients and helping them achieve their health and wellness goals.Michael is also an award winning film director. He has won awards for his martial arts action films. His credits as an actor and screenfighter include King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Transformers Last Knight and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. He was action director of the feature film "The Gardener" which was picked up by Lionsgate Entertainment and realised in 2021.


  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

  • MSc (Hons) Applied Sport Science

  • PICP Level 3 Strength Coach Biosignature Practitioner

  • Published Academic Research Author

  • GBMAA 1st degree black belt Kickboxing

  • GBMAA Kickboxing Multiple Medallist

  • Japanese Jujitsu Multiple Medallist

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blue belt

  • WBFF Fitness Model Top 10 in the World Amateur Championship 2013


“ After training with Mike Hoad I have dropped around 9% body fat, whilst putting on a good amount of lean muscle. This was achieved by following the diet 85% of the time."



"Training with Mike was very rewarding. He taught me the philosophies to train towards goals in the gym that will be carry me for a number of years. My initial thoughts on the price being too high were entirely wiped out and in hindsight I would have paid even more for what I achieved and learnt."


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“I got better results in the first 3 weeks with Mike than Iʼd gotten in the past 3 years training by myself. When I started the nutrition plan Mike set out for me I noticed my energy at work improved and I felt amazing. I stopped getting the frequent colds that I usually got and I woke up feeling invigorated everyday.


Fit Man

What's In the Package

  • 1 Behavioural change Mindset Session 

  • 1 Weekly live Metabolic Burn Zoom session  

  • 12 recorded Weight training Workout Videos 

  • 12 week Personalised Nutrition Plan 

  • Kaizen Body Lean Recipe Manual

  • Kaizen Body Macro Cheat Sheet

  • Kaizen Body Healthy Guide to Eating Out

  • Kaizen Body Meal Prep Guide

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